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Thank you, for your interest in writing for We Are Fitness Freak

We welcome all the writers/bloggers who write or write on topics related to Health & Fitness!

Before sending your Draft Post, please read the checklist below …

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Q.- Writing rules for a guest post

  • Use storytelling technique with a call to action
  • Break your post into a list and paragraphs using headings.
  • Don’t bore the audience
  • Be real
  • Be unique
  • Be creative
  • Be helpful

Q.- What topic should I write about?

Content that deals with Health and Fitness Tips & Advice, How to (guide), Disease Conditions, Research, Health Policies, Sports, Supplements & Nutrition, workout, Recipes, etc.

Q.- Will I get Backlink?

Yes. You can get up to 1 backlink (in-article/author section) for your website. We’ll share your post on our Newsletter, Social Media, and more.

Q.- Can I re-post my submissions on my blog?

No. If we publish your content on wearefitnessfreak.com, WAFF will have the right over that content. We do not allow publishing on your blog or any other website.

Q.- How long should my post be?

About 1,000-1,500 Words

Q.- Do I have to do Keyword Research before submitting the Draft?

We appreciate Please include the most searched keywords in your content.

Q.- Will Admin edit my post?

Yes. Depends. If Post needs to be edited then we will.

Q.- Should I include an Image in Article?

No. You can only add to the suggestion, the main image Admin can add.

Q.- What do I have to do after submitting my post?

When we publish, we hope that you will remain active in comments, answer readers’ questions or thoughts.

We are thanking you for your contribution in advance!