5 Easy & Natural Ways to Get Rid of This


About 50 million Americans, grappling with chronic pain and sore muscles, can find relief without painkillers. Discover five effective ways to ease post-workout muscle soreness and enhance overall well-being

Try LiGHt Movement


Light movement in your routine eases muscle soreness by enhancing blood flow and nutrient supply. Opt for a relaxed walk or gentle cycle instead of intense workouts for relief.

Stay Hydrated and Sleep


Combat muscle soreness by staying hydrated—water reduces inflammation and aids muscle rehydration. Drink before and after workouts. Prioritize seven hours of sleep to enhance performance and minimize soreness.

CBD Topical Cream


Prevent muscle spasms with CBD cream containing arnica for inflammation. Use ice to reduce swelling and discomfort, and heat to minimize pain signals. Click the link for more information.



Post-workout, indulge in gentle stretches for sore muscles. Release tightness and aid recovery by stretching until tight, pausing for 10 seconds, and repeating—avoid unbearable pain to prevent injury.

Prioritize Protein 


Essential for muscle build and repair, prioritize protein intake at around 2 grams per kilogram of body weight. Opt for recipes featuring lean meat, fatty fish, and pulses like chickpeas.

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