5 Best Inversion Tables To Use in 2020

5 Best Inversion Tables To Use in 2020
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The inversion tables or machines are still unknown to the majority of the public. Its main use is associated with back rehabilitation treatments. However, exercising with her a few minutes a day can prevent future injuries and improve the health of your back.

In this article we will analyze in-depth the utility and scientific support of inversion therapy, we will learn what criteria to follow to choose the most appropriate inversion table and we will see which are the best models and those that have more acceptance among users.

Analysis of the 5 best inversion tables

Having analyzed countless models and having studied user ratings, this is my selection of the 5 best quality-price inversion tables.

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Yatek ECO

I recommend the  Yatek ECO inversion table if you have a low budget and want a folding inversion table with good value for money. For something, it is one of the best selling inversion tables.

It is a sturdy board,  built-in steel so that the structure is stable. Once folded it occupies very little space (180 cm high x 66 cm wide x 43 cm deep), being able to store it under the bed or in a closet. To fold it, just remove the safety tilt bar, and turn it. It will not cost you more than 1 minute to fold it completely.

It is one of the lightest inversion machines with its weight of 21.5 kg. It supports a maximum weight of 150 Kg and covers a good range of heights: from 130 cm to 195 cm.

It has a system that has been called  Quick-Easy to regulate the height, which in turn can also adjust the inclination of different angles. Its adjustable metal bar acts as a brake on the board and allows you to manually choose the inclination of the 4 positions. If you want 180º, just remove it.

It has an anchoring system in the feet that guarantees maximum safety when you make the inversion. The only downside is that the support could be something more comfortable. Even so, it is one of the inversion tables with the best market opinions.

  1. Rugged and robust structure
  2. Reduced price
  3. Low weight
  4. Good range of user heights
  1. Somewhat uncomfortable foot support
  2. Improvable assembly instructions


The  SportPlus is especially useful for you if you are very tall, have no problems with home space and want a safe board at a competitive price.

Folded has dimensions of 159 x 67.5 x 116 cm and its weight of 24.5 Kg is the lowest in the market. As for the range of accepted heights, it ranges between 154 cm and 199 cm. 

It has what they call the “Perfect Balance” system. It is a system in which you easily change your inclination by moving your arms and head to the side you want to move (free inversion system), being able to reach upright position. This system is stable, but if you want to stay in a totally fixed position, you can use the security tabs you see in the image below:

It has 4 angles of inclination: ( 20 °, 40 °, 60 °, 80 °) although you can also adjust it to your liking without fixed positions. As an inconvenience, although it is a folding inversion table, its folding is not entirely comfortable. You have to remove the tube to adjust the height to be able to leave it compact.

  1. Valid for users 2 meters high
  2. Very comfortable to vary the inclination
  3. Simple assembly
  1. It occupies enough space even if it is folded
  2. The folding is not entirely comfortable

Gorilla Sports

The Gorilla Sports is for you if you are not excessively tall and want a folding inversion table. It is a table that has a lot of reliability among users who have tried it.

Its folded dimensions are 175 cm high x 75 cm wide x 50 cm deep. If you lay it on the floor, “tall” measures 50 cm, enough to keep it under the bed. To fold it, you have to remove the bar that stops in different positions.

It has 2 angles of inclination. If you want to use it in free movement, you have to remove the previous bar that fixes positions. Its range of heights is somewhat limited by the high part, being from  147 cm to 183 cm. If you measure more than 183 cm, this table I do not recommend.

It has good padding to exercise comfortably. Its structure is very stable and does not give you a feeling of insecurity in any of its positions.

Among its weaknesses is its weight of 30 Kg, somewhat high compared to other inversion machines. And also that it does not have a grip for when you make the total inversion, nothing essential but recommended.

  1. Good padding
  2. Compact
  3. Sturdy
  1. Not suitable for tall users (> 183 cm)
  2. You miss a grip in the vertical position
  3. Somewhat high weight

Klarfit Relax Zone Pro

The Klarfit Relax Zone Pro  I recommend it if you have space problems (not folding) and are concerned especially safety.

It is a table that, despite its size, is quite light, with its 24.5 Kg. Its range of heights ranges between  147 cm and 198 cm and has 3 angles of inclination that allow the total inversion of 180º. 

To highlight: it has a nylon strap for when you make the inversion, which is a safety bonus that few market tables have.

The support bench is padded with 5 cm of foam rubber and also has padding on the footrests.

As you paste, it is not a folding inversion table (I do not recommend it if you go just enough space) and the assembly instructions are not in Spanish (it may cost you a few hours to complete your set-up).

For the most part, the level of user satisfaction is very high and seems to have solved or alleviated their cervical or back problems. If you still have doubts, the opinions of the people who bought it will dissipate them.

  1. Sturdy structure
  2. Very safe to make the total inversion
  3. Good padded
  1. Not foldable
  2. Improvable assembly instructions

IT300 from Sportstech

The IT300 is a slightly different folding inversion table. Not only will you be able to use it to make inversion, but it is designed to do up to 5 types of additional exercises:  funds, push-ups, leg lifting, and chin-ups. I recommend it if you are looking to exercise beyond inversion therapy. 

The exercises can be executed correctly except for the dominated ones. The problem is that the knees can collide with the board and you can only exercise one type of grip. Still, if you don’t have a pull-up bar at home, it’s better than nothing.

The padding for the arms in the leg lift is also improved. It is hard plastic and can be annoying if you do long sessions.

The rotating lever system is another point in favor: The inversion angle is freely selectable with the yellow lever and allows a total 180º inversion. Of the inversion tables that I present here, it is the only one with this system. The problem is that some users have reported that the brake does not have the force it should and in the intermediate positions it is not able to block the weight. It is not a serious security problem (most inversion tables have no brake) but it is something to improve. 

The materials with which it is coated are of quality. The foam of the padding is breathable and the surface material odorless and water repellent. However, its weight is somewhat high (36 Kg).

The price of this inversion table is high compared to other tables, but it is justified by its multifunctionality (6 exercises in 1) and its rotating lever system.

  1. You can do extra exercises
  2. Good padding
  3. Very safe
  1. Somewhat uncomfortable mastered
  2. Relatively high weight
  3. Somewhat high price

Common FAQ For Inversion Table

What is inversion therapy?

Our natural position is “feet on the ground and heads up.” Reversal therapy consists of turning this position around and placing the body upside down, whether it is completely vertical or at a certain angle.

What is an inversion table for?

One of the main reasons why people buy an inversion table is to relieve back problems (lumbar, sciatic, cervical, etc.). And, both by the numerous testimonies of the people who have tried them and by the scientific support they have (see next section), it is proven that it is a therapy that works.

However, we cannot lose sight of the fact that the inversion table will never be the solution to the main problem. A back or cervical injury hides unhealthy posture habits. Generally, these usually come by:

  • Bad postures are taken for a long time (at work, at home, sleeping …).
  • Little mobility or excessive walking.
  • If you want to solve your back problems, start by asking yourself if you spend a lot of time sitting or if you move little.

That said, the inversion tables are an excellent complement to improve your overall health and your back in particular. Beyond being useful to rehabilitate, they are useful even if you have no health problems.

Benefits of inversion tables

In general, medical opinions on inversion tables are quite unanimous. Among the many benefits include:

  1. Relieves backaches and muscle contractures.
  2. Increases blood circulation and promotes stretching of the spine.
  3. It reduces stress and helps you rest better.
  4. It helps prevent future backaches.

Do inversion therapy suits everyone?

If in doubt, I would recommend that you consult with your doctor. As a general rule, you will not have any problem unless you find yourself in any of these cases:

  1. High blood pressure.
  2. Pregnancy
  3. Circulation problems.
  4. Heart problems.
  5. You suffer from balance problems or dizziness frequently.

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