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Hello freaks,

First of all, I warmly welcome everyone on this website, hope that you will be Happy & Healthy.

wearefitnessfreak.com is an online source of health & fitness, workout, lifestyle. weight management and nutrition/supplementation Tips article. we focused on delivering rich and evergreen information and content that useful for our Readers.

Based in India, wearefitnessfreak.com is adding new and helpful content that makes users visit back over and over again.

Hope you’ll love and support us to run it As Long As Possible.

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Vishal Kumar is not a professional health and fitness coach, neither specialist nor any pro bodybuilder, he is just a guy who loves sports, goes to the gym, study about health and fitness-related stuffs, and when we talk about his professional life, he is a Digital Marketing guy.

During his fitness journey, he makes a lot of mistakes due to a lack of good knowledge and guidance, which is why he started this site to help those new people who started their fitness journey (gym life) But they do not have good knowledge and guidance about workouts, nutrition, exercise or many other things which help in fulfilling their fitness dreams.

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