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7 Great Cardio Workouts to Add to Your Fitness Routine

Cardio exercise is defined as any type of movement that gets your heart rate up and increases the circulation of blood in the body. Other than toning muscles and burning fat, cardio workouts offer...
keto diet- list of foods and drink

Keto Diet: List of Top Foods and Drinks

Are you looking to follow the Keto Diet Plan but not sure what to eat on a ketogenic diet? In this article, we give you a comprehensive overview of the keto diet food list. Stay...
corona virus

Corona Virus (COVID-19): Facts, Symptoms, Precaution and Cure

What is Corona Virus (COVID-19)? Corona Virus are a type of virus. There are many different kinds, and some cause disease. A newly identified type has caused a recent outbreak of respiratory illness now called COVID-19...
5 Best Inversion Tables To Use in 2020

5 Best Inversion Tables To Use in 2020

The inversion tables or machines are still unknown to the majority of the public. Its main use is associated with back rehabilitation treatments. However, exercising with her a few minutes a day can prevent...
running on treadmill

Running on Treadmill: Advantages and Disadvantages

Running is not always such an accessible option. The low temperatures, a rainy season, the lack of light or the short time we have, can be reasons that force us to choose to train...
Top 10 Body-Weight Exercises for Building Muscles

Top 10 Body-Weight Exercises for Building Muscles

Are you want to be fit active and muscular but don't able to go gym due to any reason, don't worry we are sharing the top 10 bodyweight exercise that helps you to build muscles and being fit and active.
why you should do exercise everyday

Why You Should do Exercise Everyday

In this article, I'll tell you how doing exercise helps you to be fit and active and why this is mandatory for everyone to do it.
healthy eating tips for teens

5 Tips to Help Your Teen Eat Healthy

Parenting expert Andy Earle provides his top 5 pieces of advice for moving teens from an unhealthy diet to a well-balanced, nutritious one!
How to wake up early in the morning

How to Wake Up Early in the Morning?

Before starting the post I want to ask you a question, Can you wake up by yourself in the morning or you have to be woken up by your Mummy or Papa (Mom or...
how to improve bone health

Get Fit and Boost Your Bone Health

“Our body starts wearing down once we hit the mid-30s. Doctors share tips on how to keep damage minimal.” More often than not, people who sit behind a desk all day or those not much...