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7 Rules to Keep Yourself Safe at the Gym During COVID-19 Pandemic

Finally, After a long wait of 4 months, the gyms are about to open in 3rd unlock (From 5th August officially), All fitness freaks and gym lovers are ready to go and hit badass...
5 Boosting Tips for Diabetic Patients

5 Immunity Boosting Tips for Diabetic Patients

Boosting immunity is being treated as the most important part of our lifestyle during these times of coronavirus spread. A lot of people could be seen shopping for immunity-boosting supplements, capsules, and other kinds...
heart rate monitor

Use Pedometers and Heart Rate Monitor for Health Betterment

We all know that fitness is necessary for living a good and healthy life. This is the fitness market exploding at the international level. Everyone wants superior gadgets and tools to measure several things...
running on treadmill

Running on Treadmill: Advantages and Disadvantages

Running is not always such an accessible option. The low temperatures, a rainy season, the lack of light or the short time we have, can be reasons that force us to choose to train...
why you should do exercise everyday

Why You Should do Exercise Everyday

In this article, I'll tell you how doing exercise helps you to be fit and active and why this is mandatory for everyone to do it.
health benefits of cold showers

The Health Benefits of Cold Showers

It seems like anything that is uncomfortable has a positive effect on the body, while the things that bring us the most comfort are unhealthy. This is not necessarily true. It is more likely...
8 fitness myths that need to broken now

8 Fitness Myths That Need To Be Broken Right Now

Have you been reading about various fitness tips and tricks in recent times? Did you see tons of fitness videos online talking about numerous methods? Well, all of them may not be true at...