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Oral Care While Wearing Braces

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Braces are the perfect tool to get a gorgeous smile, but there is no gain without pain. Whenever you get braces, you must be prepared to spend some more time on your dental routine. Braces have tiny spaces that can trap food, and if not attended to, it can lead to plaque and several other complications. Your orthodontist is the best person to suggest personalized oral hygiene practices for braces care, but here are a few tips.

Brushing and Flossing

Be prepared to brush your teeth after every meal, including snacks. Hold your brush at a 45-degree angle and brush from the top of each wire to the bottom to remove any plaque or debris. Clean each tooth gently. A circular motion with gentle pressure is ideal, to clean inner and outer tooth surfaces.

Another important activity is flossing- it may seem tedious initially, but flossing with braces at least once a day will remove any hidden food particles and keep a clean smile.

With special advanced tools and cleaning aids, these activities can be a breeze:

Interdental/Interproximal Brush

Sometimes, it is difficult to get rid of the debris stuck
between brackets and under metal wires. An interdental brush is a special toothbrush
for braces to achieve this.

Floss Threader

Like a needle and thread, a floss threader helps get the floss in between
the teeth in areas that are hard to reach.

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4 Tuft Interdental Brush

People who have gaps between their teeth can make use of
this brush. It can also be used to clean the brackets.


This is a one-time use, a tiny disposable toothbrush that you can keep in your pocket and make use of if you need to rinse your teeth during the day. It is equipped with an inbuilt mouth-freshening bead that keeps your mouth clean and fresh.


Fluoride is the best defense against tooth decay caused by braces. It makes the teeth more
resistant to the acids produced whenever we eat or drink anything, and strengthens our enamel. It gives the mouth a clean rinse. So, ensure that you use fluoride-based toothpaste. Your orthodontist may even recommend a fluoride-based mouthwash depending on your condition.

Oral care products for braces

Certain foods may loosen, bend, or break the wires or cause stress on them when you wear
orthodontic braces. So choose products that help you take appropriate care of your teeth, and are made specifically to suit your personal requirements.

Gum Soft-Picks

If you have teeth sensitivity, gum soft picks help reach the smallest
corner around your braces and remove any food particles or plaque build-up. They are
like very soft toothpicks, and hence, best used in combination with flossing.

Orthodontic Relief Wax

Braces sometimes tend to irritate the gums. To prevent this
and relieve the gum tissue, you can use orthodontic wax. The wax is invisible and easily
blends with your braces. As time passes, the wax flakes away and peels off.

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Caring for the teeth while wearing braces can be extremely challenging, and sometimes turn painful if left ignored. But under the guidance and able care of professional orthodontists in Carmel, you can well be on your way to achieving the smile that you long for!

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