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7 Problems Faced by Gym Owners

Problems Faced by Gym Owners

Running a Gym can be productive and at the same time can be a challenging business. A lot of obstacles right from finding the apt place, branding of the gym, hiring the right trainers, finances for apt equipment procurements, and so on. In addition to these, post-pandemic, hurdles for sustainability for gyms have increased with concerns related to member retention and safety as per social distancing norms and increased competition from online fitness and workout platforms. Here are 7 problems encountered by Gyms and fitness center owners and the need to overcome them to survive in the competitive fitness space.

Reluctance to Embrace Technology

Gone are the days where the fitness business included just instruction and training clients. With ample of trending online workout platforms available to give stiff competition to gyms, it is critical for Gym owners to enter the digital space for long term growth and survival.

Automation of gym operations is essential to cope up with technological changes. With Gym management software one can easily manage clients, staff, manage inventory, payments, billings, POS, increase security with online attendance, schedule training sessions to avoid clutter, and abide by social distancing norms. All these can be managed with a cost-effective software solution.

The use of software also provides an added benefit of personal attention that helps in member retention. Record of body measurements, analysis, medical history, workout plans, nutrition plans, progress, and performance can be viewed with just one click and help trainers to assign the right exercise routine to achieve the set goals. Even the members can review and compare their monthly or quarterly performance making the gym management solution an ideal and effective choice for gyms.

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Further, technology provides an inexpensive medium to market and increase the brand of the product. Influencer marketing is the trending digital marketing strategy that is gaining popularity in the fitness industry. Ensure to use all available technology resources like gym management software, social media, website, and digital marketing tools to obtain an efficient gym business model.

Not Choosing a convenient Gym Location

Location can have a significant impact on your business. Survey the area and demographics well before buying or renting the place. Ensure with the franchise owner that another fitness franchise won’t open nearby because this will mean more competition.

The location should be accessible to members, should have good parking facilities and amnesties for the convenience of the members.

While sourcing the premise, keep in mind to acquire the right fit, not too small that feels clumsy but not too big as can incur monetary losses.

Not Hiring the Right Trainer that is Suitable for your Gym

Few clients prefer personal trainers, some are comfortable with group training, few are selective about their trainers and to manage the client’s needs, it becomes a prerequisite to hiring the right person for the job. Further on the basis of the number of clients, gym space, client: trainer ratio must be maintained. The trainer skills, experience, certifications, knowledge of the field, professionalism is essential as it is critical to member retention. They are ones that interact with clients and clients blindly put their faith, money, and hard work into their expertise. So, choosing the right trainer benefits both the client as well as the gym owner. A win-win situation for both as a member can achieve their set goals and owners have their income flowing.

With that said, also make sure to interact with your trainers and staff from time to time. Discuss the vision, the future of your gym franchise, align goals, and address their concerns too. Because happy employees will keep your client happy!

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A Balance of Boutique Studios and Gym Equipment Procurements

Build a gym cum studio that stands out. Trending boutique studio experience is very intimate and offers niche workouts and classes usually focused on a specific type of fitness, like high-intensity interval training with fun and frolic. A touch of this trend into your gym goes well into your budget and can increase member engagement and attract new clients as well.

Be smart when you purchase gym equipment – a thorough vendor evaluation, selection of brand, and longevity of equipment is very important from a monetary angle and client perspective. Choosing low-quality products simply to save on prices can have a negative impact on the customer. But then getting a white elephant is also of no value and choose the one that best suits your budget and require minimum maintenance and repair work. It is a one-time investment so choose wisely. Ensure varied resources like resistance bands, weights, dumbbells, mats, skipping rope, etc as well as machines.

Maintenance of Well-Equipped Gyms

Once you have gone through the massive tasks of equipment selection, furniture, lightings, setting up the complete gyms you must think the job is done. But then that is half a job well done because it takes enormous effort to maintain a gym. And as an owner, this responsibility is on your hat. Ensure the gym management software selected, provides you with updates on inventory, reminders about AMC (Annual Maintenance Contract) contracts of your equipment. Cleanliness and sanitization post-pandemic has become a priority so ensure all norms are followed as per guidelines.

Customer is king

Attract new customers, increase member satisfaction, and member retention is required for the sustainability of the gym and to keep the income flowing.

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You need to attract the right pool of people, with the right offering at the right time. Now I agree that is tough but to save you is your gym management Apps and digital marketing platforms.

Once you have people as clients of your gym, there is this colossal task of member satisfaction and retention

So, if you could send a message directly to the home screen of your member’s smartphone that would be effective. That’s right, we’re talking about mobile push notifications. When you implement a gym booking app, you have the opportunity to create direct contact with clients, a key strategy for member retention.

Give personalized and constant attention to your client, provide personalized offerings as per the need of the member can increase the chance of member retention. Encourage them to work hard, motivate them, add some motivational quotes in your gym, ask your trainers to motivate them, etc. and act on it. Take care of all your clients, the happier ones, and especially the grumpier ones.

Manage Payments, Billing, and Bookings

Gym models are no doubt a revenue-generating business but without an appropriate payment structure in place, you are more likely to lose money than make profits. Gym management apps with a check on payments are an effective and inexpensive way to tail your money and at the same time generate more revenue per customer.

You need an efficient service for booking classes, managing cancellations, and everything in between. Gym management App providing the convenience of anytime bookings will add more value to the member experience

This can be done by using the latest technology so members don’t have to call, text, or email to book a class. You can invest in gym membership apps that show your members how many spaces are left in a particular class. This makes it more convenient for members to book a class


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