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7 Rules to Keep Yourself Safe at the Gym During COVID-19 Pandemic


Finally, After a long wait of 4 months, the gyms are about to open in 3rd unlock (From 5th August officially), All fitness freaks and gym lovers are ready to go and hit badass workout to get the perfect physique and improve strength, But don’t forget, the corona pandemic is still very much here and is still dangerous

In this article we are listing seven precautions that you should follow while going to gyms and fitness centers, to protect yourself from COVID-19.

Let’s start…

Timing: Arrive and Leave Gym Place on Time

If your gym trainer or owner allotted you the time to arrive and leave, Then you must follow that timing. It will help to avoid rushing through the gym door at the last minute and follow the social distancing rule. If you see the crowd in or outside the gym then try to avoid going there.

Carry Your Own Personal Equipment

Before going to the gym you should make sure that you carry your own personal equipment like Water Bottle, Towel, Gym Gloves, Ear/Headphone, Mat, etc, and don’t share them with your partner or anyone

Wear Gloves and Sweatband While Doing Workout

If you wear gym gloves and arm sweatbands then it’ll ensure that You’ll’ not touch gym equipment or machines directly and not pick up germs and bacteria from gym equipment. You can also consider wearing arm sweatbands to wipe the sweat from your face.

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Sanitize Your Hand and Gym Equipment After & Before Using Them

From dumbbells and barbells to cables and machines, if you’re not using hand gloves while using them make sure you sanitize your hands & equipment (if possible) and avoid touching your face. I’ll recommend you to carry a portable sanitizer bottle.

Avoid to Go Gym if You Feel Unwell or Week

If you’re feeling sick and have some health issues like Cough, Fewer, etc. then don’t try to show off and stay at home to protect yourself and others, Because sick people have more chances to become corona infected.

Don’t Forget About The Rule of Social Distancing

Yes, Of Course, it is a golden rule to stay away from CORONA is still applicable while you working out at the gym. Always remember, Corona pandemic is still growing and becoming dangerous day by day, So please follow the rule of 2 गज की दूरी (2 Yard or 6 Feet) from others at all times.

Don’t Wear Face Mask

Yes, I know what I’m saying, Wearing the face masks while working out in a public place is an ideal thing, But Experts says that wearing a mask while walking, jogging or even during a strenuous workout, in this case, will act as a barrier to airflow and increases your heart rate quickly.

You may get tired quickly, have difficulty in maintaining your breath, and may feel dizzy or mildly tired. Always talk to your medical care provider before wearing a mask while exercising in the gym.

And if you want to wear a mask, then wear a mask in which you can easily breathe.

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