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Top 5 Routines to Keep Your Bones Healthy to Prevent Osteoporosis

Routines to Keep Your Bones Healthy to Prevent Osteoporosis

A lot of us don’t pay enough attention to our bones. Of course, every aspect of health is important. However, many people neglect their bones, which could increase the chances of conditions like osteoporosis later in life. Keeping your bones healthy is key to overall health. There are a number of things you can do to help keep your bones healthy to prevent osteoporosis. In addition to dietary and exercise routines, using hemp products such as CBD oil lotion may boost overall wellness. Many people use CBD for energy, pain relief, and it could even play a role in helping prevent osteoporosis.

Better health and wellness don’t happen overnight. Health is a journey, and routines are lifestyle changes. These top routines could help keep your bones healthy to prevent osteoporosis. Always talk to your regular physician before incorporating any new wellness routines into your daily regimen, including CBD products.

What is Osteoporosis?

According to the National Osteoporosis Foundation, osteoporosis is “a bone disease that occurs when the body loses too much bone, makes too little bone, or both.” This complex disease affects many people in the United States. This condition may cause bones to become brittle. Skeletal osteoporosis can cause bones to become so brittle, that they break with minor bumps or falls. This condition presents more often in older populations but may occur at any age.

Osteoporosis presents many challenges for sufferers. Not only do brittle bones present the danger of breaking, but they could also present other health challenges as well. Osteoporosis limits mobility, which could lead to other health complications. Infections and other complications from broken bones could also lead to death.

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5 Routines to Prevent Osteoporosis

Hemp oil lotion

Scientists are still working to prove the links between CBD and osteoporosis. However, the current work is promising when combined with anecdotal reports of positive effects. Hemp oil lotion and other CBD products work by combining with certain receptors in your body. Once they combine with these receptors, they produce or inhibit certain signals. Scientists believe that CBD may stop the signals that cause bone loss, and could potentially help speed the recovery of impacted bones. Some people with osteoporosis also use CBD for energy or for sleep assistance.

Healthy Diet

According to the National Institute for Health, eating a healthy diet rich in a variety of minerals is the key to preventing osteoporosis. Maintaining a vegetable and mineral-rich diet for as long as possible introduces strengthening vitamins to your bones. Getting your nutrients from food is the best way to naturally absorb them into your body.


If you aren’t able to get an adequate amount of vitamins and minerals from your diet, you can also try supplements. Talk to your doctor to determine which supplements would be best for you and your needs. Your doctor may recommend blood work to determine deficiencies. If you already have signs of osteoporosis, they may also prescribe Vitamin D and Calcium supplements.


Load-bearing exercise routines are great for helping prevent or slow the onset of osteoporosis. Maintaining a regular exercise regimen not only improves overall health but also assists your bones. Load-bearing exercise strengthens your bones for impact over time.

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Hydration is always important for health. Maintaining a proper level of hydration can assist with a number of health and wellness issues. Drinking enough water helps all the cells in your body stay properly hydrated and strong, bone, and marrow cells including.


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