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Top 10 Body-Weight Exercises for Building Muscles

Top 10 Body-Weight Exercises for Building Muscles

One of the misconceptions about building muscles is that you need to work with a lot of weight in the gym. Sure, that’s one of the ways to gain some muscle, but it’s not the only one. That’s even truer if you’re new at exercising. It’s always best that you start the journey to bigger muscles by working with your own weight. It’s enough to put your muscles under strain and make them stronger.

Many Crossfit gyms include bodyweight exercises in their training programs because it’s really effective. Sure, dumbells and weighs get the job done, but they also increase the chances of injuries and other problems. Plus, you can do bodyweight exercises at home. Here are the best exercises you can do for building muscles. 


Almost every exercise starts with pushups. It’s one of the most popular bodyweight exercises and it’s very effective for muscle building. These simple exercises affect a few groups of muscles at the same time improving their strength and size. Your chest will be doing most of the work, but you can throw in a few variations to spread the effect to other areas. Try combining close-grip, diamond, and wide grip pushups for the best effect.


Squats are another basic exercise you just can’t do without. Doing squats activates all muscles and joints in the legs, and it’s one of the critical exercises for gaining mass. Squats are one of the basic exercises that build up strength for your entire body. That means that with time, you will have more strength when performing other exercises. Squats are simply a must.

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Doing pull-ups is not for everyone. It’s one of the hardest bodyweight exercises because you have to control your entire weight with the muscles in your arms. Beginners often don’t have the strength to do a single pull-up, but that’s fine. Ask someone to help you out during the first few months until your arms are strong enough. There’s no better feeling than when you finally get a few reps done without help.

Walking Lunges

Walking lunges is one of those exercises you can do whenever you go out for a walk. Just make your steps longer and lunge down to your knee with every step. Even though this exercise looks easy, it’s quite hard. You can also try some standing lounges, but they are much easier to perform when walking. The exercise targets all lower-body muscles and it helps with straightening your spine. Since you will likely get sore muscles after your first session, you can unwind with the hottest ‘adult sex games when you get home.


Dips are also exercises that require a strong arm and chest muscles. You can try doing some anywhere where you find a set of parallel bars. If you don’t have one near you, try with two chairs at home, or a bench at the gym. Dips are fantastic for strengthening your chest and triceps. Make sure you warm up before doing them as your shoulders will be carrying all of the weight.

Donkey Kicks

If you want to have strong glutes, donkey kicks are a must. Many people think that this exercise is only for women, but it’s also effective for men. When done correctly, this exercise will strengthen your glutes like no other exercise out there.

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Everyone hates doing step-ups, but they are an essential exercise for the lower body. Step-ups affect glutes, hamstrings, and quads at the same time. They also help you increase your durability over time.

Calf Raises

Calves are very hard to buff up and many people think that the only way to do so is to work with a lot of weight. Well, that’s just not true. You can do calf raises anywhere you want and your bodyweight is more than enough to work them. Stand on the toes of one foot and move your weight up and down. Switch feet after doing 10 reps and repeat the process 4-5 times in one session.


Planking has become very popular in the last decade. It’s a very easy yet effective exercise for your core muscles. When planking, make sure your back is straight and slowly increase the time you spend planking with every session. relax by playing the best ‘sex games‘ on the internet.

Handstand pushups

Now, this exercise is not the easiest one to do. Handstand pushups are ideal for strengthening your shoulders, but it’s also hard to perform. If you can’t do it straight away, lean against a wall or ask a friend to hold your legs until you are strong enough.

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