7 Tips to Build Muscles Rapidly


We all know that if we have to build a muscular body or a good physique, then we have to work hard, we have to go to the gym, we will have to follow the timetable, but even after working so hard, we do not get a satisfactory result, I do not say that your hard work is lacking, but with hard work you have to do smart work also, that is, if you exercise with the right technique, follow the proper diet plan and follow the tips given below, in less time you can build more muscles fast.

1Maintain Body Weight

If you are overweight, you should first reduce your extra fat, because you will have to balance your weight before you increase your muscle size.

2Do Proper Stretching

If you want to make your muscles strong, then nothing better than stretching, because your muscles are properly stretched and relaxed so that you can avoid injuries during workouts, and keep in mind that the stretching is very slow At the speed of doing the fast, muscles may be prone to breakdown tissue.

3Do proper Warmup

Whether you work out in the gym or at home or at the park, you should always warm-up before a workout, because warming up your muscles easily endure during the workout, the pull of the pull easily causes you muscle injuries and pain You can escape from

For Warmup you can do Jogging, Walking, Pushups, and stretching.

4Do Cardio Exercise

If you want to get a good V Trapped Physique then it is necessary that your core part (Abdominal Muscles) is too strong, it increases your muscle strength too, anyway no one wants that his stomach has turned outward. Anyway no one wants his stomach to look outwards

For cardio, you can exercise the kind of swimming, running, cycling, etc.

5Free Weight Workout

If your goal is to make an attractive and lean physique then you should focus on Free Weight Exercise so that your muscle function can work properly and you can have as much rep as possible, for this you exercise lightweight, such as on “Pec Dec Machine” More than lightweight.

6Take Proper Meal/Diet

If you go to the gym then you will know about Protein, how big is it to build muscles, but to make muscles, protein is not necessary, it is necessary to have a proper balance of vitamins, minerals, and carbohydrates.

A Proper Balance Diet requires that you include Fruits, Green Vegetables, Milk, Non-Veg (as desired) in your diet and stay away from fast food as possible. And as much water as possible, it will keep your body hydrated and your digestive system will improve.

7Prevent Yourself from Injuries

Injuries caused by your own fault or overconfidence can spoil your performance and it can be very painful for a fitness freak.

If you want to make a good body, avoid injuries because it causes the recovery function of your body to prioritize your injury or wound prior to your muscle, it is also necessary but it will decrease your muscle mass, so avoid the injury as much as possible.


So friends, if you have decided to go to the gym and make a good physique, first of all, you should know that “What is Your Body goal?” What your goal is to build a body means that you have to do bodybuilding, to make Aesthetic physique, or for endurance and strength. Because every Body Goal has different Wight training and exercise.

Many times it is seen that many people’s muscles are rapidly developing But in some of their muscles, the development is very few.
For example, the Upper Body of many people is very strong but Legs Muscles are very weak
To correct this, you train that muscles twice a week and to make it strong, make a balance between heavyweight and lite weight exercise (Heavy Weight = 6-8 Rep, Lite Weight = 12-15RP)

And the most important thing, “Focus on Your Dite”, you can make or create a Weekly or Monthly Meal Plan for it.

And never do the workout empty or full stomach. Before the workout (Preworkout) you can take Juice, Fruits, Preworkout Supplement.

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