7 Ways To Enjoy Christmas Eve During Pandemic

Enjoy Christmas Eve During Pandemic
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Christmas is a few days away! Like every other celebration has been so far, Christmas 2020 will be no different. It’s not going to be the same as it usually does, thanks to the coronavirus pandemic. It can feel disappointing to not go out and hold an indoor or outdoor party.

Like many others, I also wait all year long to celebrate and make the most out of this special day. However, stepping out of the house doesn’t seem a good idea as we all are aware that Coronavirus rages on and it is extremely important to follow every precautionary measure to avoid any spike in COVID-19 cases that are likely to surge during festivals or celebrations.

Keeping all this in mind, I have thought of some interesting and fun ways through which we all can celebrate Christmas with the same zeal and enthusiasm as before while keeping ourselves and our loved ones around safe!

Here’s a little of what I am planning to do on Christmas Eve!

Plan A Movie Night

The first and safer option to celebrate Christmas is using Netflix and other streaming platforms to have a movie night with the family. As coronavirus is not over yet, it looks like a great fun idea to watch the best Christmas movies and have nice, warm, and cozy Christmas celebrations in the comfort of home. We might not travel and shop like before but that doesn’t mean we can’t have fun together. Agreed?

Be A Little More Giving

Doing good for others is probably the best thing that you can do to feel good. Help the needy families and make their day a little special at Christmas 2020. Such a simple and random act of kindness may brighten their day. You can connect to nearby local NGOs, donate blankets, food, pay someone’s rent, or gift toys to needy children. There are plenty of ways to help. Let’s do a good deed this Christmas!

Reconnect With Old Friends 

When was the last time you had a long conversation with your old friend? If you haven’t spoken to a friend for long, it is the time to reconnect with an old friend and strike up the conversation. You can have a mini old friend reunion on your mobile. Share your experiences, create new memories, play virtual games, and spend quality time together. After all, there is nothing like the gift of communication! Isn’t it?

Shop Local

Regardless of how you celebrate Christmas, sharing gifts with our close ones is a great idea to showcase love and care for each other. And, if you can get healthy gifts for your precious ones then nothing can beat that. As the pandemic hits every business across the nation, shopping from a local business is a great idea to support them. Choose the local brands serving healthy and natural products that can help to maintain the health of your friends or family.

Spend Time With Your Family

Out of all the lessons that 2020 has taught us, how much our family members mean to us has been paramount. On that note, take this holiday as an advantage to spend the day with those who matter to you the most. Appreciate their presence in life, let them know how much they mean to you, spread joy & happiness by cooking some healthy delicious food or ordering one for them. If you are living away, video chat with your loved ones. Ensure that you involve everyone and literally have the best time of the year!

Go For A Long Drive

Most of us love road trips. And, most importantly it’s a safer option than going to some public place to celebrate. Keeping that in mind, grab your hot cocoa and some delicious and healthy home-cooked meals to go on a road trip with your family members. Plan this mini trip with those you are staying with. Follow every precautionary measure to stay protected. It can turn out to be a great stress-buster and a golden opportunity to strengthen your relationships.

Gain Some Knowledge

Due to a lesser population of Christians in India, most of us are unaware of the real purpose behind celebrating Christmas. As we are bound to celebrate Christmas 2020 at home, it seems a great opportunity to educate ourselves and the kids in our home about the actual meaning of celebrating this wonderful festival. That’s how kids learn about different cultures and traditions in our country.

Final Thoughts

After this long, tiring, and challenging year, people around the world are adapting to new normal celebrations. COVID-19 Christmas might feel very different this year but we can be creative and innovative with our ideas of celebrating to make it merrier. And, this way who knows we end up making some new good traditions for other years to come.

Wishing everyone a Merry and Safe Christmas!