How Pre-Workout Supplements Helps Us?

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For years the fitness industry has come a long way of changing and revolutionizing its ways and making people’s lives healthier and better. When one thinks of the realm of fitness, one imagines of sportspersons, professional athletes, and even fitness enthusiasts.

But with the fast-changing world, people have started to become interested in a more healthy lifestyle.

A fit lifestyle is very important for people as it can help them keep fit and healthy while helping to combat unwanted diseases and increases the longevity of life.

With the growing demand for the fitness world, people have come up with the need for getting fitter quickly. Hence was the introduction of supplementary diets that would be focused on a particular food to maximize the protein or minerals in the food to enhance performance.
Supplements were earlier used by professional sportsmen and bodybuilders to enhance their performance while allowing them to grind and exercise much more. But in recent times, with the increase of fitness enthusiasts, supplements are being used by the generic customer.

Supplements such as whey proteins, creatine, and pre-workout supplements are some to name a few. While supplements such as whey protein have huge market demand, in recent years, pre-workout supplements have also made their way in the mainstream market.

Unlike most supplements, a pre-workout supplement is taken before one exercise. It is used to enhance your performance during your workout.

It allows you to exercise for a longer time and lets you push your limits that will result in helping you burn more while maximizing your performance.

What is Pre-Workout? Uses, benefits & side-effects?

A pre-work supplement is a kind of a supplement that is taken before beginning a workout routine.

Pre-workouts, unlike other supplements, are taken prior to a workout and help you to maximize performance allowing you to burn more calories and lengthen your workout routine giving you the most out of it.

Before pre-workouts were created, athletes and sportsmen would drink a cup of coffee before beginning their training or workout as caffeine has components that keep you alert and awake. Similarly, pre-workouts have a similar mixture of components that keep you alert, awake, and help you to train better, faster, and harder.

Pre-workout was first created in Italy in 1982 by California. It was formulated by Dan Duchane and was named Ultimate Orange. This concoction quickly grew and was taken by many bodybuilders.

But the drink soon faced many lawsuits claiming that it was responsible for inducing heart attacks.

Since its inception, pre-workout has changed the way of a workout for many fitness enthusiasts.
While some people worship it, many people detest it. But nonetheless, it is claimed by people for its effectiveness and performance.

The formulation of the pre-workout has come a long way and is available in various forms such as capsules, tablets, powders, liquid, and bars.

To understand the working of the supplement better, it is important to note its major and main ingredients. The most common ingredients used in pre-workouts include Caffeine, DMAA, Taurine, Creatine, and Beta-Alanine.

Caffeine has a neutral reaction and helps in increasing alertness, concentration, and energy. DMAA is a non-epinephrine re-uptake inhibitor and it also improves energy and concentration while reducing tiredness.

Creatine is a natural chemical that is produced in the liver and kidney and can act as a stand-alone supplement and can help in the creation of muscle hypertrophy by drawing water to muscle cells.

Beta-alanine is produced in the liver and reduces fatigue during exercises when the muscles are in contraction, they increase in performance while helping in aerobic and anaerobic exercises.
Taurine is also a common component which is also found in many energy drinks, it has similar effects to creatine and allows increased performance and reduces muscle damage and ensures a faster recovery.

This supplement may usually contain one or a combination of these ingredients. Each ingredient carries importance and offers a pre-workout with different impacts.

Many people have started to take pre-workout for the effects and the benefits it offers.
While it is not just only about reducing fatigue or giving you more energy, there are various benefits to taking pre-workout before your workout routine. Here are the benefits listed:

  • It gives you an intense amount of energy which improves your time to failure and work and allows you to a longer workout.
  • It enhances your muscles growth allowing them to build and grow faster.
  • It helps you burn fat much faster.

Since pre-workout contains ingredients like caffeine and taurine it allows you to work out for a longer time.

Pre-workout also reduces fatigue while also reducing your recovery time.
Citrulline which is an ingredient present in pre-workouts can help boost your blood flow and improve your endurance and reduce fatigue.

The BCAA present in some pre-workouts reduces your time to exhaustion and allows a quicker recovery.

As it is stated above, the main goal of a pre-workout supplement is to give its users an increase in energy and endurance to lengthen their exercises and training process to quickly gain their desired results with minimum fatigue while having a speedy recovery to repeat the same process the next day.

Pre-workout supplements are mostly used by professionals, bodybuilders, and fitness enthusiasts, but in today’s world, it has found its way into the homes of normal people who are interested in getting in shape quickly.

Despite its benefits, such a supplement that contains such ingredients is bound to have disadvantages. As earlier stated above, the Ultimate Orage received many lawsuits as it was believed to be the cause of many heart attacks. Another such pre-workout supplement was the Jacked which was formulated in 2005.
It was eventually banned in 2012 because of its intensive use of DMAA which was thought to be the cause for chest pains, shortness in breath, and giving higher risk to heart attacks.

Pre-workouts are supplements that must be used with caution. Due to its ingredients, too much use can result in overstimulation, temporary skin tingles. While some other side effects may include insomnia, dizziness, nausea, high heart rate, and arrhythmia.


But all in all, Pre-workout supplements are a useful supplement for fitness enthusiasts, professionals, and common people alike as it provides them with the help they need to increase their performance while improving their endurance. It is the perfect companion for a fitness enthusiast who is looking for better and quicker results.