5 Immunity Boosting Tips for Diabetic Patients

5 Boosting Tips for Diabetic Patients

Boosting immunity is being treated as the most important part of our lifestyle during these times of coronavirus spread. A lot of people could be seen shopping for immunity-boosting supplements, capsules, and other kinds of doses. Mothers at home are nowhere far in brewing fresh kadha in the morning and warm turmeric-milk before bed.

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Everybody is doing everything that they can. The virus is known to be very easily communicable amongst all the people, and good immunity is the only thing known to be able to fight the Nobel virus. Especially to the ones who are not completely healthy. People suffering from hypertension, lung/respiratory disease, diabetes, etc. and known to be easily susceptible to the contamination.

Since there is no preventive vaccine or oral treatment available for this virus, the only thing we can do is taking the best possible precautions and safety measures to protect ourselves and our dear ones. As discussed above, the people who are lesser than fit or are suffering from any kind of disorder are at a higher risk of catching the virus. Keeping that in mind we have specially dedicated this blog for the top 5 immunity boosting tips for diabetic patients. If you or any of your dear ones are in a similar situation, then stay tuned and let’s begins the discussion.

Immunity Boosting Tips for Diabetic Patients

Immunity is a very generic term associated with the defense system of our body. When our body realizes the presence of any foreign bodies in the system, it immediately starts producing certain antibodies to fight the attack of the pathogens. This phenomenon is widely known as our immunity or immune system. Unfortunately, there is no booster dose of injections available to bring-up the natural immunity of the body. So, if you are diabetic then you definitely will need easy and effective tips to boost your immunity naturally.

1Focus on Zinc-Rich Foods

Zinc is essential for a good immune system, selenium, vitamin- A, D, and C being the other ones like that. So, focus on consuming foods rich in zinc selenium. Chick-peas, almonds, cashew nuts are some of the foods in this category. Legumes, bell-peppers, etc. are some of the other zinc-rich foods that diabetic people can have.

Best Zinc Rich Foods

  • Oysters Pack Zinc and Other Key Vitamins and Minerals
  • Crab and Lobster Make It Easy to Meet Your Zinc Needs
  • Meat and Poultry Serve Up Protein and Zinc
  • Vegetables Such as Mushrooms and Kale Are Low-Calorie Sources of Zinc
  • Legumes Are a Vegetarian-Friendly Source of Zinc
  • Versatile Nuts and Seeds Make It Easy to Up Your Zinc Intake
  • Whole Grains Deliver Fiber and Key Vitamins and Minerals Like Zinc
  • Fortified Breakfast Cereals Can Provide a Quarter of Your Zinc Needs — But Watch for Sugar
  • Milk and Dairy Foods Help You Meet Your Calcium and Zinc Goals
  • Try Decadent Dark Chocolate for a Zinc-Filled Dessert

Source: 10 Best Food Sources of Zinc

2Add Garlic, Ginger to Your Daily Diet

Garlic and ginger have therapeutic values in them, and they are safe to the people suffering from diabetes when it comes to boosting their immunity. You can simply add them to your regular tadka in your dal and sabzi. And with garlic, you always can make a refreshing cup of ginger-lemon tea. They are high in antioxidants and nicely capable to flush toxins out of our system. Thus, increasing our immunity.

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3Drink a Lot of Water

This one is for everyone, but most importantly for the people suffering from diabetes. Keep sipping over a glass of water and record your water intake. Drinking water helps to rehydrate the blood when the body tries to remove excess glucose through urine. Otherwise, the body may draw on other sources of available water, such as saliva and tears. If water access is limited, glucose may not be passed out of the urine, leading to further dehydration.

4Keep Moving

People suffering from diabetes disorders are always suggested to stay active, keep moving, and making a workout routine. Of course, you should avoid going out as for the time of coronavirus outbreak. But, to compensate for that, you can do some workout at home. Yoga, simple aerobic, and breathing exercises to keep your blood sugar level in control.

10 Best Excersices for Diabitic Person

  1. Walking
  2. Cycling
  3. Swimming
  4. Team sports
  5. Aerobic dance
  6. Weightlifting
  7. Resistance band exercises
  8. Calisthenics
  9. Pilates
  10. Yoga

5Leave the Stress Away

If you are diabetic, and you are trying to boost your immunity in the meantime, then stay at par from the unwanted stress.  It is responsible for disturbing the healthy blood-sugar level in your body. It is widely recognized that people with diabetes are who regularly stressed are more likely to have poor blood glucose control. One of the reasons for this is that stress hormones such as cortisol increase the amount of sugar in our blood.

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Practice yoga, meditation, and mindfulness to keep yourself relaxed and calm.


Diabetes is a disorder that has left no age-group unaffected. Not just the senior-citizens but even the young adults nowadays are being under its influence. During the times of corona, people with diabetes need to focus more on themselves. Until it’s not super urgent try not to step out of the house, avoid food that you think can be unhealthy and unsafe for consumption. If you are ordering from the outside, make sure that you are opting for a service that focuses on high quality and hygiene standards in their food and preparation facility as well.