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Overlooked Remedies for Back Pain

Back Pain Remedies

Back pain is one of the leading causes of discomfort in many individuals according to Pain Management Specialists. As a portion of your body’s weight is supported by your back, such pain can disrupt many of your activities. Doctors prescribe medication and physical therapy to manage one’s pain. However, there are treatment options that can be done at home to help manage and reduce back pain. Email your healthcare provider if you wish to book treatment. The following is an overview of causes and overlooked remedies you can try if you suffer from back pain.

Common Reasons for Back Pain

Back pain is a common ailment that people can develop for varying reasons and can result in a visit to a Pain Management Hospital. The following are some common reasons for developing back pain;

Strain in Muscle/Ligament

Common in people without well developed physical health. Without proper muscle strength, repetitive work like lifting heavy objects can cause muscle strain. Awkward and sudden movements can also put significant strain on muscles and ligaments.

Ruptured Disk

Disks are present in the spine between two vertebrae. They act as cushioning support. The soft disk can rupture or bulge if damaged. This may make them apply pressure on an existing nerve, which causes pain. The ruptured disk is a consequence of injury to the spine. This condition can be diagnosed by a spine x-ray.


Osteoarthritis or arthritis can affect the lower back. Arthritis narrows the space surrounding our special cord. This condition is called spinal stenosis and leads to lower back pain.

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This condition causes the vertebrae in our spine to become porous and brittle which leads to acute back pain

Risk Factors

Though common to develop, the risk of back pain increases significantly for certain individuals. The following are some of these factors stated by Pain Management Doctors.


Back pain can develop at any age. However, the chances of developing it increase between the ages of 30-40.


Individuals on the higher body mass index spectrum have a higher chance of developing back pain due to the excessive weight.


Other than physical injury, certain diseases like arthritis, osteoporosis, and a few types of cancer can develop back pain in individuals.

Lacking or Improper Exercise

Individuals who do not get regular exercise are prone to developing back pain due to a lack of utilization of back muscles. Movements like lifting weights with the wrong posture can also cause back pain. Make sure to lift with your legs and reduce strain on your back.

Psychological Reasons

It’s been noted that people suffering from depression and anxiety are prone to develop back pain.


Smoking can cause back pain in two ways. Smokers are prone to have fits of coughing which may result in a herniated disk. As smoking reduces blood flow to the spine, the risk of osteoporosis increases.

Remedies for Back Pain

Many doctors recommend pain medication to manage one’s back pain. But there are other simple tips to help relieve one’s pain. Following are some simple and overlooked natural treatments recommended by top pain management doctors

Releasing Endorphins

Endorphins are hormones released in our body during times of strain. They are most commonly associated with athletes and what is commonly known as a runner’s high. It helps eliminate pain by blocking the signals from going to the brain. People with back pain issues can utilize this. Activities like an aerobic exercise (running, walking, etc), deep breathing, meditation, massage therapy, and acupuncture are known to release a healthy dose of endorphins.

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Restorative sleep

Back pain is a leading cause of insomnia in individuals. As one’s sleep is disturbed their tissues and muscles don’t get enough time to heal and restore. This causes the individual to be stuck in a cycle of pain. There are various techniques like deep breathing and white noise to help with one’s sleep. Contact a pain management hospital to prescribe treatment for better sleep.

Core Exercise

Your core muscles (abs) and lower back muscles are responsible for supporting your lower spine. Poor core strength can lead to the development of back pain. As these muscles aren’t engaged during the day, they must be specifically targeted. Simple exercises like ab crunches, planks, and yoga can save your back.

Engaging your brain

Your brain is responsible for receiving pain signals and informing you about it with a hurtful sensation. Pain specialists believe that lower back pain can be managed by re-tuning our brain to perceive it differently. One way is mindful pain management. The affected use slow and controlled breathing to deviate one’s brain from the pain.

Relaxing Activities

Any type of pain is bound to spoil one’s mood and outlook of life. This can cause havoc in your personal and professional life. It’s been noted that doing three things daily that bring you joy and comfort can help alleviate your mood. At the same time, it helps process the back pain better, reducing its significance.

Hamstrings Stretching

Hamstring muscles are located behind the thighs. They are an important muscle group in the sports community. A well-stretched hamstring provides flexibility and range. If one’s hamstrings are tight and strained, they can cause stress on the lower back and sacroiliac joints. 15-30 seconds of careful stretching of both hamstrings helps reduce this pain over time.

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Ice and Heat

Ice and heat are the most common remedy for any type of pain. Ice helps reduce inflammation and pain, while heat contact helps improve circulation and restoration. Ice can be applied during short periods using a cooling pad or ice. A hot bath, heating pad, hot water bag, or heat lamp on a low setting can be used to provide heat therapy.

Proper Posture

If you spend all day sending emails back and forth, it could be a cause for back pain. Back pain develops over time primarily due to overlooked bad posture. While standing do not slouch and keep the pelvis in a neutral position. Also alternatively put weight on each leg. While sitting has good back support and armrest. When lifting, make sure to lift with your feet and not your back.

Healthy Weight

As noted before, obese individuals are prone to developing back pain. Keeping one’s weight at a healthy figure helps prevent back pain. According to your weight and height find out your body mass index. Keep it between 18.9 and 24.9 and you are good.


Back pain is an ailment which can develop at any age for multiple reasons, but it need not disrupt your lifestyle. Treating back pain is simple as evident from the above stated natural solutions. All the above treatment options can be done at any place. You can also email your healthcare provider if you have any queries. Try these tips and see what works best for your needs.


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