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Top 10 Exercises that Make Your Back Big & Massive

Top 10 Exercises for Massive Back

If you are a person who goes to the gym and does workouts only for “show muscles” (Like; chest, arms, abs and some shoulders) then you can go, but if you want your body to look strong, effective and well balanced So you need to proceed in this post.

Today we will talk about how you can change your baby back look of a beast’s back.

After lots of study and comparison, the team We Are Fitness Freak has prepared a list of 10 effective exercises for you, based on which you will understand how each exercise is different from the rest, how it affects your muscles, etc., as well as this list,  will also help you to know how and when to do each exercise.


Top 10 Exercises that Turn Your Baby Back to Beast Back

Barbell Deadlift

It is more than a back exercise because it affects our entire posterior chain from calves to upper traps, but it is perfect for the development of the body’s backside muscles. In the case of deadlift, the technique of lifting is paramount, because you will never be able to do perfect deadlift in the right way, but by becoming an expert in its technique, you will be able to lift a beast weight.

How to add it in a workout?

If you’re going heavy (sets of fewer than about 6 reps), do deadlifts first so you’re fresh. If you’re doing deads for repetitions, you can do them later in your workout.


Bent-Over Barbell Row

I think this is the second-best back movement in terms of weight that can be lifted by you, EMG’s research suggests that bent-over barbell rows have an equally high impact on our upper and lower back muscles groups, making it an overall back builder, Like a deadlift, this is another technical exercise for which an excellent form is needed, but its results give you powerful and muscular back.

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How to add it in a workout?

I would advise you to do the bent-over rows in early with heavyweight in which you will do low reps (for example; 1 set-12 Rep, 2 set-10 reps, 3 set-8 reps), smith machine version of this exercise is a replacement exercise in which you lock in a verticle plane, but your body should be in the correct position relative to the bar. Bent-over barbell row has more weight than any other back exercise, due to which the bar has to be locked, it would be better to have it done before it so that you end up with more problems for your lower back. You can skip it if deadlift already makes your condition fuckin worse.


Wide-Grip Pull-Up

A close grip may allow a long-range movement, but it may be possible to load the wide-hold pull-up due to an optimized initial joint condition to a greater degree. The right reps limit for development is 8-12 for the average person.

If you have done the pull-ups at the beginning of your workout, then you should try it with a weighted belt, if you find it difficult, it is difficult, then you can take help of the pull machine and a good spotter or You can try wide-grip pull-down, which is a strong replacement of it and if your shoulders are right, you can also move the bar behind your head.

Good form is extremely important here.

How to add it in a workout?

Because it takes a lot of hard work and energy to do pull-ups and its range of motion is also long, then a few reps are enough for a good warmup, Since the form is so important with these, it may be best to push pull-ups toward the front of your workout to ensure proper shoulder-joint positioning.


Standing T-Bar Row

We choose T-bar row instead of chest-supported version because in this you can weigh more than that, and you also help yourself by bending your knees and hips, but your back is constantly flat Keeping it is not less than a challenge, Keeping up with a challenge is not a task if you have a back problem, then the chest-supported version will be best for you.

As you know that these are not squats, so keep your knees in a folded state but you can adjust the hand positions and width accordingly, when you keep a neutral grip, focus your middle back (rhomboids, teres, and traps).

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How to add it in a workout?

You can do it in the middle of your workout, my suggestion would be that instead of lifting too much weight in it, you should concentrate on stretch and contraction of the back. And after every rep take a little rest and do not forget to keep your back in a flat position.


Wide-Grip Seated Cable Row

I think, By default people only know to use a close-grip bar, is not you, too? When you use a wide grip, you will feel the change yourself because its use has a great effect on our upper lats, and always use the same grip at once, do not do both in the same routine.

How to add it in a workout?

For this, it is best to do it at the end of the workout using machine and cables and choose the right weight on which you can apply 12 reps properly.


Reverse-Grip Smith Machine Row

There are two main things in the reverse-grip movements, the first is the main role of your biceps, and the second is that when you pull the bar from your elbow, hands are very close to our side, due to which all the focus is falls on our lower lats. There is an advantage of a smith machine is it helps you to do the right movement, no matter how much weight it is, and you do not need to worry about balance.

Bent about 45 degrees, stay close to the bar, and when you are taking out heavy sets, take a little help from the hips and knees. Although some gym fools considered the Smith machine to be taboo, but it’s literally a wonderful exercise.


How to add it in a workout?

You do not need to do it more than one bar in your routine, you can do this in the middle of your workout, after your heavy lifts and for your safety, you use the wrist straps and the waist belt.


Close-Grip Pull-Down

Although we’ve already added wide-grip pull-up, the wide-grip pull-down is almost the same. That is why we are incorporating close-grip handle for pull-down, many of  researches suggest that the use of a close neutral grip has the same effect as regular grip, so you do not need to think that you can miss any muscle fiber to train As we have already told with pull-ups that closer grip does allow for a longer range of motion and increased time under tension for the lats, which is quite beneficial for muscle-building.

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How to add it in a workout?

This exercise is good for your shoulder warm-up, but when you want to mass-buildup, then include it in the end for sets of 8-12
While doing this exercise, keep your movement slow down and stretch your muscles properly.


Single-Arm Dumbbell Row

This is an effective unilateral exercise, Each side works independently, because of which you can also lift too much weight when you do unilateral training, you will get the maximum range of speed. You will be able to easily support your lower back – which was not of any kind of punishment till now – when holding a hand on a bench, allowing a degree of rotation of the trunk could allow a core degree of “core” musculature is.

How to add it in a workout?

Unless you intentionally flare your elbow out wide, this exercise focuses more on your lower lats. Do it anywhere from the middle to the end of your workout for sets of 10-12.


Decline Bench Dumbbell Pull-Over

Pull For Back? This question must have risen in your mind, Absolutely Yes. This is an imitation of a straight-handed cable pull-down you are probably familiar with. Yes, this is a single joint move, but it directly affects your lats. The decline version keeps your lats under tension for a longer range of motion than using a flat bench. Just make sure the dumbbell clears your head, and when you’re done drop it on the floor behind

How to add it in a workout?

In almost all cases, single-joint movements should be done in the daily routine of your body. Place the rips on a high end, around 12-15 per set for a good finishing pump.


Single-Arm Smith Machine Row

This exercise is generally the smith machine version of the single-arm dumbbell row and is also a better selection for lower lats. To do this, first, you stand diagonally in the middle of the machine before and bending your body and knee balancing it and try to pull the bar as high as you can. It may be a little unbalanced but there is no major problem. It is normal.

How to add it in a workout?

Do this at the end of your back routine for sets of 8-10 or 10-12. ADo it at the place of single-arm dumbbell row, do not do both together.



As you have yet to understand the significance of each exercise, when and how to do it, in the end, I would say that just sweating in the gym does not build a desirable physique, with it, Take care of self-centric and most importantly a focus on a Healthy and Nutritious Diet.

Best of Luck…

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