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How Can a Busy Working Mom Lose Weight?

Weight Loss Tips for Busy Working MOMs

Excess or extra weight is a major concern for moms with newborns, having families to look after. Moms are wonder women. They do many things, from changing nappies to house chores, everything. They plan playdates for kids, schedule laundry, prepare breakfast, lunch, and dinner for their families. Most of the moms are working moms. They work in offices from 9 to 5 and have to deal with the rest.

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Keeping oneself healthy is such a task in this tough and busy life. But with the progress of time, there has been a lot of awareness regarding weight loss.

The internet is full of tips and tricks that help moms lose weight. Know that there are online tools available like the TDEE (Total Daily Energy Expenditure) calculators to calculate tdee that help moms keep track of their calories to gain and lose weight.

But the question that arises here is, do the tricks and tips available on the web help lose weight? Or do they have diverse consequences?

Well, we are going to answer these questions as well. We will share some well-researched tips and exercises and ways to lose weight.

Moms can follow them even if they just gave birth to newborn babies. If you want to explore them, just keep on reading!

7 Effective Weight Loss Tips for Busy Moms of 2022

Create a Healthy Mindset to Support Your Decision

The importance of primary steps is vital in every field of work, even if you are assigned a task in an organization or plan to lose weight.

It would help if you were optimistic about your decisions by creating a healthy mindset because losing weight might not be that easy for you with the kids and work.

You might end up quitting the weight loss journey because of restlessness and tiredness. But once you have made up your mind and decide to lose weight, there is no force that can stop you.

You should remind yourself frequently, multiple times a day, that you can do it, and you have to do it because it is crucial to be fit and healthy in today’s world where people are suffering from COVID.

So, it is suggested to take a primary step before setting off your weight loss journey. It will help you support your decision and, eventually, your goal.

A Healthy Lifestyle is a Key

Your day needs to start the right way and on time. It is very helpful for a healthy lifestyle. It will give you a lot of time to organize your daily activities.

Mom’s lives are super busy. They have to wake up early to make breakfast and lunch boxes for their kids and get them dressed for school.

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In this cycle, they forget to take out time for themselves. Moms often forget to take breakfast at the right time. Waking up early will help them take out some quality time for themselves.

They can enjoy their time with a healthy breakfast, a cup of espresso, watching a morning serial, or reading a novel.

Once the mind is fresh, the body will ultimately be sound. After the prep session, your next step is to list activities you have to do for the day.

After completing house chores and other activities, you will have enough time for your regular exercise and workout.

Once you are done with your workout, take a good shower, get dressed, put on some make, and go shopping.

Shopping helps women keep calm and stress-free, which is important for good vibes and a clear head. Therefore, a healthy lifestyle can make a lot of positive changes to your body.

Start with adopting healthy eating habits

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Doing exercise daily or going to the gym for a workout might not be possible for every mom because their lives are pretty hectic.

Finding time for proper exercise and workouts could be difficult for them, especially if they have newborns and they have no one to babysit.

A simple tip which they can adopt is a healthy eating habit. Our body produces what we intake. If our intake is not healthy, how could our body?

The best way to adopt a clean eating habit is to make a list of meals in your diary. You should take fruits that are juicy and pulpy.

Pulpy fruits have fluid which our body needs to be active and energetic. If you don’t know much about fruits that are best for weight loss, don’t worry. We have got you covered!

You can simply start with an apple. Apples are an easily available fruit in all seasons. They have low calories and high fiber, which helps stay energetic throughout the day without even gaining any fat.

Stay away from junk food because they are highly prone to fats. In this fast-paced world, we are quite dependent on junk food.

No doubt they are delicious and stomach satisfying but have diverse effects on health. So don’t bother ordering junk food whenever hunger strikes.

Instead of junk food, make a habit of eating green salad with beans. You can add on boil chicken with black pepper to give it a little more taste.

Green vegetables are an undeniable source of clean food. Make sure your daily meal consumes at least one green vegetable.

Figure out proper time for meals

After reading the previous section, you have surely known the importance of healthy eating habits. Now you need to keep track of the proper time to eat.

Remember, if you want to lose weight, you can not eat whenever you want. Similarly, you can not eat whatever you want.

Make a proper schedule of meals. Start with breakfast as it is the most important meal of the day. Suppose you usually eat breakfast at 8 AM. Make sure to take breakfast daily at 8 AM, and don’t skip it.

Proper meal timing is very important because your body goes through a lot of changes during the weight loss journey.

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It repairs a lot of things inside your system to make it clean and healthy. Therefore it needs energy refill at the proper time.

And the only source for your body to boost its energy is food. Make a schedule for lunch, evening snacks, and dinner as well.

Don’t skip a single meal. Once you are successful in planning and following a daily meal schedule, you have accomplished another milestone towards weight loss.

Stay hydrated throughout the day

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A hydrated body is needed for detoxifying your immune system. And to make your body fully hydrated, make sure your water intake is good and enough.

For moms who breastfeed their children, it is highly crucial and recommended for them to maintain their daily fluid intake because breast milk is all fluid needed for your children’s good health and immunity.

But that means your body is more in need of fluids than a mother who is not breastfeeding. Take a water bottle along where ever you go.

Put on reminders on your smartphones for your water intake. Make sure you drink a glass or two of water every hour.

Fresh juices are also a great source of fluids. Drink a glass of fresh juice or smoothie daily in the morning because the fluid circulates more in our body than a solid meal.

You can go for any fruit, but if the fruit is seasonal, that means it is enriched with fluids and fiber. Once you keep your body hydrating, you will see how healthy and active you feel from the inside.

It will not just help you detoxify fats, but it will make your skin glow and nails healthy. After the pregnancy and maternity period, it is difficult to maintain healthy skin.

Why not target multiple problems with one solution? So, start from today as hydration is the key to a healthy body.

Eat healthy snacks only

Mothers’ lives are super hectic because they have to manage a lot of things daily, and with a little rest and interrupted sleep. They often feel low on energy.

If you are on a weight loss journey and you have to take care of your family at the same time. You need an energy booster whenever you feel low.

As we mentioned earlier, your daily meals are very important and what more important is if you take them on time.

With the fixed meal schedule, it is not possible to break it out and eat whenever you want. But a healthy snack will never hurt.

Fix a time for your daily snacks. You have to avoid sugary snacks like chocolates, candies, and cookies as they are more prone to fats and calories.

Make sure the snacks you take are free of carbohydrates. You can go for leafy vegetables, a green salad bowl, dairy products, cereals, and things enriched in vitamins.

If you are consulting a nutritionist, you can also follow the diet regime suggested to you by your nutritionist. There is no limitation to that.

You must include healthy snacks in your diet if you are breastfeeding because your health matters a lot, mommy.

Use online solutions that help keep track of your body weight

Technology has made our lives relatively easy and helpful. In today’s modern world, every solution is available on the web.

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You just have to find it. It is hard for moms to keep track of their weight and when to lose or gain calories. We have an easy solution for you, moms. You can use a BMI calculator for your weight loss journey.

It will take your height and weight and calculate your body mass to indicate which weight category you fall into.

The normal BMI ranges between 18 to 30 kg/m2. If your range is higher than that, it means you can face some serious health issues.

In the next section, we will discuss some easy exercises that every mom can do regardless of age. So keep on reading!

3 Easy and Effective Weight Loss Exercises for Busy Working Moms

Start with Walking

The most simple and easy exercise for moms is walking. Walking requires no exercise machine and nothing else.

Also, walking is the best exercise for beginners as it doesn’t stress your joints. Being a mother means you have to carry out a lot of tasks.

Meanwhile, you can easily take out some time walking. Suppose you have to wake up your kids for school at 7 AM.

If you wake up at 6 AM, you will have an hour for walking. So, wake up, put some music in your ears and walk, walk, and walk.

Walking will not just help you lose calories. It will boost your stamina, give you fresh air to breathe, and make your lungs perfect.

Do Cycling Outdoors on Indoors

Cycling is also a very effective exercise for weight loss. People do cycling in gyms on a cycling machine, and they also go for actual cycling on-road tracks.

You can do cycling both outdoors and indoors. If you don’t have time to go to the gym daily, you can buy a cycling machine to place inside your home.

And whenever you look at the machine, It will remind you to do the exercise. After completing house chores, you can easily take out some time for this exercise.

A study proved that a person cycling daily has better fitness and stamina than an ordinary person and has a low risk of diseases like heart failure and cancer.

Yoga and Meditation

Stress is a very crucial factor in your weight loss journey. If you follow a good diet, but your mind and body are stressed, you will not likely lose weight.

Why so? Because stress doesn’t help our muscles relax and produce negative energies, which lead to a bad mood.

Yoga and meditation help relieve stress. You just need a distraction-free environment to do these exercises.

If you can go to the park or you have a yard in your home, you prefer doing yoga there because fresh does wonder.

You must be thinking about how yoga is a weight loss exercise, right? Well, it is. Yoga help burns calories and offers many health benefits too.

Final Words

Moms are always frustrated about their weight because their body goes through a lot during pregnancy and maternity.

It becomes hard to start on a weight loss journey in this frustrating and super busy life with kids and work because it requires complete guidance.

This article has mentioned all you need to start a weight loss journey. Read the whole article, decide when to start, and follow this article as a guide. Hope it will help you!


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