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How Does Music Influence Your Workout or Exercise (Infographic)

music influence our workout

To get a productive workout, maintaining motivation is essential. For many people, music is the best way to stay fired up even during those moments they are feeling tired and worn-out. If you are keen to learn more about how music can enhance your performance at the gym, then you should take a look at this fascinating infographic which looks at how music affects exercise.

The Science Behind Musical Motivation

An academic study from 2017 found that people exercised for an average of 37 minutes with musical accompaniment, compared to just 22 minutes without music. Research has shown that music has many physiological and psychological effects on us, and this is why it can be such an effective workout aid.

Music has many interesting effects on the body, and this can give us the extra boost we need to push ourselves harder at the gym. For example, listening to music while working out has been associated with boosting the heart rate and lowering blood pressure. What’s more, can help us get in the right frame of mind. For example, blasting your favorite songs while exercising can alleviate feelings of stress and fatigue while also blocking out demotivating background noises.

Picking Your Gym Music

If you want some help while compiling your gym playlist, then you should check out the infographic which comes courtesy of the team at My Fitness Boutique. This helpful guide looks at the reasons why music is such a great motivational tool and also offers a number of scientifically-back tips on how to pick the best tunes for your workout playlist.

Scroll down to the infographic below to discover “how the right music can motivate your workout.”

How Music Influence Your Workout

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