6 Biggest Mistakes, That Prevent You From Building Muscles

6 bodybuilding mistakes
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Recently, you have finished your eighth-week program, and you are shocked to see yourself in the mirror.

nothing? Neither the abs nor the muscular physique nor the giant hands. nothing. Nothing gains in the last two months. But you thought about why this happened?

Below, we talked about some mistakes that people usually do.

6 Biggest Muscle Building Mistakes That prevent you to Build Them

1: Eating Too Little or Too Much

People say that the muscles are made in kitchens, and you have ever heard. You need proper quantities of carbs, fats and proteins to grow.

If you do not take enough fat, protein, and calories then you will not be able to grow your muscles, it does not matter how much you can lift.

And on the contrary, if you eat too much then you will be pushed from a pearl layer of fat,

So you need to ensure that you eat nutritious food so that you do not lack any vitamins or minerals (which will harm your health and also your gain)

Once you have achieved the perfect balance, you will be able to get a lot of gains.

2: Always Changing Your Routine

When you start your gym life, you put a lot of things in the confusion, I think that forget about all these things.

Your 4 big things should focus on.

  • Do the right exercise
  • Grows progressively over time
  • Eat properly
  • Give your body enough rest

If you remain consistent with your workout routine every week, then your strength will increase more than you think and your muscles will grow faster, which you can possibly imagine.

Changing this will confuse you and you will not evaluate your progress.

3: More Reps + More Sets = More Growth

Do you take steroids?

I know that you don’t, and you want to make your body naturally, so why do you think that you will become powerful by lifting too much weight and by doing hours and hours.

Doing too many sets and reps for any muscle group per week can lead to overtraining.

And it has many types of side effects,

  • General Fatigue
  • Impaired Muscle Growth
  • Low levels of Anabolic “muscle building” hormones
  • High levels of Catabolic “muscle breakdown” hormones
  • Extremes Case: Muscle Loss

Yes, muscle loses

If you make more pressure on your mussels fiber, they will not be able to repair quickly, which will result in the appetite becoming weak and thin.

How can you survive this?

4: The Burn is Good

Are you surprised? Hear the scream in the gym.


I will have to say no.

Using the “burn” as a gauge for your workouts ends up hurting your growth.

Progressive overload is the answer. Because it’s:

  • Trackable
  • And Measurable

5: Lift Heavy From the Start

I believe that there is a fear of people in the gym but it is more important to believe in yourself, but don’t be overconfident that in the second week you use 20 kg for doumble curl.

Everyone there at the gym is in them for the same two reasons. To get:

  • Stronger
  • Bigger

Nobody cares how much you are picking up. Unless you are clearly lifting up too much and you look skinny.

6: Doing the Wrong Exercises

Compounded Exercises (Squat, Military Press, Deadlift, Bench Press)  You should be more focused because it activates the groups as compared to isolate exercise(Bicep curls, Cable Pulls).

More muscles activated = More growth hormones released = More muscle

So you should stop showing off now and concentrate on your exercise and leg workout after all This will help you build more muscle.

Leg day is the best day because it activates the largest muscles in your body.

For every 10 lbs, you gain in total muscle mass, you will gain about 1 inch in your bicep thickness.

Everyone can gain muscle. You must keep the workout at it every day. Remember:

  • Eat Enough
  • Consistent Workouts
  • Fewer Sets
  • Higher Intensity
  • Lower your Weights
  • Compound Movements

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