Difference Between Mass Gainer and Weight Gainer

Difference Between Mass Gainer and Weight Gainer

When you have started your gym life for the first time, you will know the new things that help you achieve an desired physique.

A lot of things are almost same, which makes them easy to understand but understanding supplements is a different game. And my suggestion is that before using any supplement, all information should be taken about it and this is very beneficial for those people who want to make a career in it (Please use Brand and Quality Supplements only).

But what we all confuse most especially to skinny and underweight people is that of Difference Between Mass Gainer And Weight Gainer.

Although they look quite similar in the hearing, there is a lot of difference in them. These are important and beneficial in the same way as protein, vitamins and mineral supplements, through which you increase your ability to do heavy workout  and physical activities. And it is necessary to understand the difference between them as the results of both of them differ. So let’s clear our doubts.

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What is Mass Gainer?

Mass gainer is high calorie supplement in which protein, fat, carbohydrate, minerals, vitamins, amino acids, and many other supplements are at different levels. There is a lot of protein levels compared to carbohydrate and fat because it is used to increase the calorie level in the body so that muscle gain can occur. Usually a nice mass gainer joins 300-1200 calorie in serving each shake The protein used in them is low but high quality so that the essential protein level in the body remains.

Why Should Take a Mass Gainer?

If your weight is low or you are too thin it can be a great option for you as a mass gainer is basically used to get body muscle mass. So if you are one of those fitness freaks who want to make a good muscular physique in a very busy time, then it is for you only.

What is Weight Gainer?

There is a lot of difference between weight gainer and mass gainer, but many people still get confused. Nutrition Experts believe that mass gainer is meant to increase the weight and mass, but weight gainer is quite wide compared to it (weight gainer has a broader perspective to it)

Weight gainer can be understood as a bodybuilding supplement. Generally packed in powder form, which contains large amounts of calories along with a large amount of protein, fats, and carbohydrates along with a large amount of per serving. So that muscle recovery and growth can be done properly.

Why Should Take a weight Gainer?

Those people who has to face a lot of difficulty in weight gain (hard gainer) weight gainer for them is a good option,
The hard gainer means that those people are not able to increase weight despite healthy and appropriate diet, due to the body’s high metabolism rate or any other medical condition.

It is suggested that these hard gainers can take it as part of their diet plan so that they can obtain the necessary calorie and obtain their desired physique.

Difference Between Mass Gainer and Weight Gainer

At We Are Fitness Freak we explain a sufferance between mass and weight gainer in very easy way that can help you to choose a right option for you.

Differentiation criteria Mass Gainer Weight Gainer
Purpose The basic purpose of a muscle gainer is to make the consumer gain muscles mass. The basic purpose of a weight gainer is to make the consumer put on weight
Body Type Prospective body builders should take muscle gainer. “Hard gainers” should primarily take this.
Usage Used for people who want to spare lean muscle mass at the time of calorie restriction Used for refueling body’s carbohydrates storage for better performance
Protein Quantity The quantity of protein is high in a mass gainer. Used for refueling body’s carbohydrates storage for better performance
Calories Mass gainer helps in gaining lean muscle mass Weight gainer gives you more calories
Fiber Fiber content is high in mass gainer as it helps in digesting the fats and carbs and only focus of muscle power gain. The quantity of fiber that helps in active digestion of the body is low in a weight Gainer
Excersice Regime Mass gainer boosts your exercising abilities by providing the required power so that you can work out with heavy weights. But,weight gainers are for hard gainers. They are only required to do mild exercise

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